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Clint Hoss

Clint Hoss grew up on a cow-calf operation in southwest Nebraska. After completing horseshoeing school in 1996 he went to work for Adkinson Inc., a feedlot and grazing operation in Benkelman, Nebraska, where he was responsible for livestock care from 1996-2006. Clint had the opportunity to work with Bud Williams when Bud resided in Benkelman and was strongly encouraged by Mr. Adkinson to employ Bud’s techniques. Clint then became a self-employed stocker operator from 2006-2008. From 2008-2010 Clint managed the equine division and worked as a cattle crew associate for the Dearborn Ranch in Wolf Creek, MT. From late 2010 through 2016, Clint worked as the General Manager of the Piojo Ranch in Watrous, NM where he managed livestock with a low stress handling emphasis, and was responsible for developing long term sustainability programs. In June 2016 the Piojo became part of a larger ranch, the Phoenix Ranch, where Clint continues his previous duties in an expanded role.

Michael Bain, Twin Willows Ranch Ocate, NM - Board President

Michael Bain is a native of Alabama where he spent 25 years training horses and running cattle before moving to New Mexico in 2002. While in New Mexico he has been Executive Director of the Cimarron Watershed Alliance, Land and Water Program Director for the Quivira Coalition, and is currently General Manager of Twin Willows Ranch, Inc. in Ocate, New Mexico. Michael has a MBA and serves on the Board of Directors of the Quivira Coalition and the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance. He lives with his wife Julie, three dogs, and four horses in wilds of Glorieta, New Mexico.

Josh Miner, Fort Union Ranch - Board Treasurer

Since 1999 Josh Miner has been a director of the Union Land and Grazing company which owns and operates the Fort Union Ranch near Watrous, NM. Though a Massachusetts resident, he travels to the ranch several times a year to oversee operations and attend meetings of the Quivera Coalition and High Plains Grassland Alliance. After receiving an engineering degree, Mr. Miner spent over 35 years in the textile business. He is currently the Executive Director of the Stevens Foundations in North Andover MA and lives in Boxford, MA with his wife Mary.

Katie Meiklejohn - HPGA Coordinator/Board Secretary

Katie works with the Montana-based Ranch Advisory Partners specializing in blending finance and ecology to help landowners maximize their capacity as land stewards and managers. Katie has nearly 10 years experience in landscape-scale conservation efforts and 5 years experience working closely with ranchers to identify strategies that simultaneously enhance ecological health, financial success, and human well-being. Since graduating from Columbia University with a Master's in Conservation Biology, Katie has worked with individuals and communities throughout the West as a biologist and facilitator to identify solutions to land management and conservation challenges. Fundamental to her approach is a firm belief that people and communities are an integral component of every healthy landscape. Successfully integrating human social and economic values into functional ecosystems is critical to achieving lasting conservation and sustainable businesses.

Luis Ramirez

Luis has a PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in grassland ecology, habitat management, prescribed burning and grazing management. He is currently the director of the Denver Zoo Rocky Mountains/Great Plains program and functions as the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge's manager. Luis has more than 10 years working on grassland ecosystems and ecological restoration in Texas, Nebraska, and California. For the last 14 years, his research experience has been oriented to land and habitat management, restoration, capacity building, and education.

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