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The High Plains Grasslands Alliance (HPGA) is a grassroots organization that was launched by the Piojo, Fort Union and Wind River Ranches in 2011. These ranches were motivated by a recognition that ecological and economic forces operate beyond the boundaries of the individual ranch, and by a desire to improve communication between local landowners and ranch managers regarding this shared landscape.


Since then, the group has grown to encompass a membership of five private ranches, one national wildlife refuge, a national monument, and myriad local partners including nonprofits and private businesses. As the group expanded, so has our purpose and vision. Today, the HPGA is self-described as a collaborative group working to:

  • self-educate;

  • leave a legacy of healthy rangelands for future generations; and

  • provide a forum for sharing experiences, testing ideas, and incorporating science into everyday management.


As such, the HPGA strives to realize a vision that merges collective stewardship with financial sustainability. The driving forces behind this vision are a basic value for healthy landscapes, a desire to leave a positive legacy, curiosity about others and new ideas, and a drive to improve on existing management in whatever ways possible.


Collectively, the HPGA works towards this vision by building partnerships, taking risks, being open to innovation, attending regular meetings, committing to projects agreed upon by the group, and sharing knowledge and experiences. We focus on educating ourselves and working together on common-ground issues to make a difference for the land, businesses, and people engaged in the group and living in the surrounding region. 

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